Being in the building material business for over 20 years, Udai Bhan started his Wonder Cement dealership in Rewari, Haryana, in 2012. His reason for this, was he had long since known about the RK Marble Group, and when he heard that they had launched Wonder Cement, he knew that the product had to be good.

When selling building materials, Udai found his business was rather slow. Ever since he started his Wonder Cement dealership, his growth and success has been rapid.

Udai Bhan

Udai appreciates the fact that unlike other companies, Wonder Cement is always there to offer help and support to its dealers and that they always keep their word. Another highlight for Udai is the various dealer meets held across the country. Thanks to these, Udai and his wife have been able to travel to Goa and Hyderabad.

Having been a regular cricket player when he was younger, Udai now watches the sport on television and spends the rest of his free time with his parents, wife and two young children. #StoriesOfWonder