Satish Gaur comes from Pali, Rajasthan. He’s been a dealer for Wonder Cement from the very beginning. He originally started his career with a Tea business. In 2012, his friend recommended him to take up a Wonder Cement dealership. Having heard about the RK Marble Group, he readily agreed. Since then, there’s been no looking back for Satish.

Be it a new customer or an old one, everyone keeps coming back to him owing to the consistent quality of Wonder Cement. This was also one of the key reasons that showed Satish that his career move had been the right choice. Becoming a dealer has been life changing. Not only does he get to travel a lot, but the success he now enjoys has also been immense. Through Wonder Cement, Satish travelled within the country and internationally and has formed lasting friendships with his fellow dealers.

Satish Gaur

When asked why he continues to deal for Wonder Cement, Satish states that in the years he’s been dealing, not once has the quality ever dipped. He puts this down to the technology used, which is what sets Wonder Cement apart from its competitors. According to him, the machines and technology will ensure this high level of quality and consistency for many more years to come.

We’re proud to have people like Satish on our team. #StoriesOfWonder