Sanjay Rana is a contractor from New Delhi who’s been a key customer for Wonder Cement the past seven months. He started using the product on a project in Madhya Pradesh and since then he hasn't even thought of using another brand. Once he realized that he got a 10% cement saving, Wonder Cement is naturally his preferred choice for any project.

He’s so confident in the quality of the product, that he’s also started using it for his road construction projects. He was surprised with the strength of the product as road construction requires a very durable product. Now that he's used it, he can't see himself using anything else.

Sanjay Rana

Growing up, Sanjay always wanted to be an engineer, an ambition that he fulfilled. Due to always being away from home overseeing his projects across the country, Sanjay considers his time at home like a vacation. He catches up with his family and indulges in his passion for cricket and catching up on the news.

Sanjay’s convinced that the future for Wonder Cement is very promising and he’s proud to continue his association with the company. #StoriesOfWonder