Riteshbhai Pandya has a Wonder Cement dealership in Himmatnagar, Gujarat, since the company’s inception in 2012. Having known about the RK Marble Group for a long time, Riteshbhai had no doubts about the quality of Wonder Cement.

When it came to convincing customers to go for this new and unknown brand, Riteshbhai’s strategy was simple. He called together a bunch of people from the construction business and gave them each some samples. After that, word quickly spread that the product was of superior quality and from then on, there’s been no shortage of customers.

A people’s person and an avid traveller, Riteshbhai has been to dealer meets in Goa, Thailand and Malaysia, as one of the top sellers from Gujarat.

Riteshbhai Pandya

A graduate in chemistry, Riteshbhai once wanted to make a career in that field. However, in 1995, he came upon a factory for sale. Buying the factory, he got into the cement business a short while later. Starting out at 10-20 tons a month, with Wonder Cement, he now sells 300 metric tons every month!

A self confessed foodie, at the end of the day, there’s nothing Riteshbhai looks forward to than a meal with his wife and children, along with some TV time. #StoriesOfWonder