Coming from Nadiad, Gujarat, Ranchhodbhai Prajapati started his Wonder Cement dealership in 2014. In the last 3 years, Wonder Cement has almost become a family affair, with Ranchhodbhai’s son and brother joining him in the dealership.

The thing that impresses Ranchhodbhai the most about Wonder Cement is the technology. This is something he points out to each and every one of his customers. Having visited our factory in Nimbahera, and seeing the process first hand, he’s convinced that no other brand in the market comes even close to either the process or the quality offered by Wonder Cement.

Ranchhodbhai Prajapati

Ranchhodbhai makes it a point to tell all his customers that not only does Wonder Cement offer superior quality, it’s also great value for money compared to its rivals. The fact that Ranchhodbhai’s business is booming is testament to how popular Wonder Cement is with customers.

Coming from a large family of 32 people, he and his wife look forward to the various dealer meets held across the country. Not only that, but Ranchhodbhai has made a number of good friends through work, whom he looks forward to spending time with at these meets.

Having been a kabaddi player in his youth, Ranchhodbhai wishes he could still play the sport but now settles for watching it on TV. #StoriesOfWonder