Hailing from Rajasthan, Puroshottum has known about the RK Marble Group for years. With over a decade of experience in the field, he has been a part of the Wonder Cement family since its inception in 2012. Puroshottum is responsible for 60% of Wonder Cement’s sales in Rajasthan, a fact that has not gone un-recognized as he was presented with the top dealer award in 2015.

When asked what he has to say about Wonder Cement, the three things that immediately come to his mind are – the sincerity of the company, the ease of receiving stock and naturally, the high quality of the cement itself. Not only is he one of Wonder Cement’s top dealers, he is also the Congress representative for Nimbahera district.


An avid football fan in a country full of cricket fanatics, Puroshottum compares business to game of football, where without a goal, there’s no victory. He applies the same principle to Wonder Cement. As they have been consistent with their product and quality since their inception, if ever there’s a requirement, Wonder Cement is the only name he recommends!

It’s people like Puroshottum who make us what we are. #StoriesOfWonder