Karni Singh is Wonder Cement’s dealer from Bikaner, Rajasthan. The son of a former army man, Karni took up a cement dealership on his father’s retirement. He’s been dealing for us the last three years, ever since he heard that Wonder Cement is a part of the RK Marble Group.

The reason Karni switched from his previous brand to Wonder Cement is that he’s convinced that this is a truly special product. He likens the fineness of the cement to a special masala in a good meal. In the three years he’s been associated with us, he’s confident that the quality of Wonder Cement, far surpasses any of its rivals.

Karni Singh

A big highlight in his association with Wonder Cement was Saath7. It was an extra plus for him that the winning team also hailed from Bikaner! Not only was he a fan of the tournament, but also put together a few of the teams including one of winning female teams.

A huge fan of cricket and handball, when Karni isn’t working, he likes to spend time on his new favourite sport – surfing the internet!

When asked to describe himself, all he says is that he’s a simple man who makes sure he does god’s bidding on earth. #StoriesOfWonder