Jignesh N. Shah started his Wonder Cement dealership in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, in 2012. He used to earlier deal with two other brands as well, but because of the support of the marketing officer and the company staff, he decided to exclusively deal for Wonder Cement.

He recalls that the first time he used Wonder Cement is when he heard that the RK Marble Group had launched it. Knowing that their marble was world class, he automatically knew that the cement would also be of the same quality. In the last three years, Jignesh has become one of the top sellers in Gujarat state, a fact that he’s extremely proud of.

Jignesh N. Shah

He doesn’t just consider himself a dealer for Wonder Cement, he considers himself to be a part of the Wonder Cement family. He enjoys the relationship and support that he receives from the company, something he says that no other company does.

When he was younger, Jignesh’s ambition was to be a successful businessman and to travel abroad. Being a Wonder Cement dealer has allowed him to fulfill both of these. Ever since he started exclusively dealing for Wonder Cement, Jignesh has been able to buy himself an apartment and a new car. Also his business has grown considerably and continues to do so! #StoriesOfWonder