Already dealing in steel and construction material, it was only natural that Jay Luniya’s next venture would be cement. Jay started his dealership in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, one and a half years ago. Although his association with Wonder Cement hasn’t been a long one, Jay feels inspired both professionally and personally working for the brand.

Although a dealer, he considers his relationship with the company like that of a close family. When asked about his journey so far, he says not only is he happy dealing for Wonder Cement, but all his customers are exceedingly happy with the product as well. Jay’s policy in life is simple, if the customer is happy, he’s happy.

Jay Luniya

When it comes to recommending a Wonder Cement dealership to anyone, Jay has a number of reasons to do so. He talks about the quality of the product, the legacy of the RK Marble Group, the transparency of the company, the service and the over-all experience that comes with associating with the brand.

When not at work, Jay loves listening to music, long drives and spending time with his friends. He’s also a die-hard cricket fan and says no other cricketer can take the place of his favourite – Sachin Tendulkar! #StoriesOfWonder