Meet Dheeraj Kumar Mittal from Baran, Rajasthan. Dheeraj started his career five years ago, around the same time that Wonder Cement was launched by the RK Marble Group. When asked about what Dheeraj had to say about his association with Wonder Cement, he replied, “main dil se kaam kar raha hu, dil se juda hua hu, toh kahin na kahin ye hamari emotions mei aa gaya hai… toh its a part of my life”.

Every month, Dheeraj aims for the highest sales in his area, and it’s his mission to be recognized by the company for one day being responsible for the highest ever sales by a single dealer. The reason Dheeraj has never thought of dealing in any brand apart from Wonder Cement, is because he keeps receiving positive feedback from all his clients about the product.

Dheeraj Kumar Mittal

He says working with Wonder Cement has increased his drive to be the best. Every month when he receives a sales target, he makes it a point to do his best to far exceed the sales number that’s required of him.

In his free time, Dheeraj devotes as much time as he can to his wife and his young son. He also says that both his wife and he enjoy attending the various dealer conferences around the country. #StoriesOfWonder