An employee of the state government, Daleep helps his wife with Wonder Cement dealership in Alwar, Rajasthan. Having already been in the business for some time, he and his wife have been exclusively dealing for Wonder Cement since 2015, ever since they heard that the RK Marble Group had launched it.

Being the number one seller in Alwar, Daleep wants to expand his network and be the number one seller in the state. In March 2017, Daleep and his wife sold over 1000 tons of cement and they aim to sell even more in the months to come. He owes the success shared by him and his wife to the support that they receive from the team at Wonder Cement.

Daleep Kumar Sharma

Getting customers is one thing, but Daleep emphasizes that it’s the quality of the product that keeps them coming back for more. Despite his government job, Daleep makes sure he has the time to take calls to help his wife out with the dealership.