Already knowing about the RK Marble Group, Ajay Kumar Gupta first heard of Wonder Cement at a visit to a relative in Delhi. Impressed by how quickly the company has grown, Ajay started his dealership one and a half years ago in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand.

When asked if people in Uttarkhand know about Wonder Cement, Ajay’s prompt response was that with Wonder Cement’s quality, everyone knows about it!

Ajay Kumar Gupta

Having completed his diploma, Ajay had initially thought of getting into service. However, before he could do that he started a hardware business. A little while after that, he started a cement dealership and there’s been no going back after that.

With his house located only a short walking distance from his shop, Ajay can give equal time to both his family and his business. When asked what advice he would give a youngster in search of a job, with a grin he answers that he would recommend that they take up a dealership with Wonder Cement!

Living with his wife, twin daughters and son, he considers family time very important and makes sure that he takes his family out for meals and outings as often as he can. #StoriesOfWonder